After E. coli and norovirus outbreaks, Chipotle founder promises new food safety practices

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I LURVE Chipotle food, but even I hesitate to get lunch there…

When he infects himself with E. coli I will accept his shitty apology.


Got sick a couple hours after eating at Chipotle once. Once.


That’s all it takes, and then the fun starts…

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This is another thing that I don’t get too worked up about–one chain having a series of unfortunate events like this, as opposed to food safety in general. This is a present danger in all food that isn’t pressure cooked and/or irradiated and/or cured.


Particularly when members of your government decide that regulation is the problem, so they force the layoff of most of the inspectors.

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Well, that is indeed problematic. How bout just make a strong glass of wine mandatory with each meal.


I wonder if companies not having sick days contributes to this?

I notice that in the USA it is extremely common for people to go to work when clearly unwell - thus infecting all their fellow commuters (in NYC), their co-workers, and anyone else they come into contact with during the day. I work a well-paid, professional job and yet our company provides zero paid sick days per year, they have to come out of PTO - which is half the number of days common in other developed countries.

Maybe a requirement to provide a minimum of 5 paid sick days per year should be law for any company that has their employees in public-facing positions, particularly where they are handing food.


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