Chiptunes plagiarized

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Um, yeah, my efforts were in the 80’s (on a machine where there wasn’t actually a sound chip, you had to generate the waveforms on the CPU) and let’s just say that I hope the statute of limitations has run out… :thinking: :roll_eyes:


I have no idea what any of this means.

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Looks like Greenland and Finland can make some money while on quarantine if they can find an essential lawyer. After, otherwise.
Cheers of course to anyone who wants to grab Moby’s Amiga tunes albums off…er… and pay what they want, or from chiptune scenes free off . And/or use an output filter that harmonizes the chiptunes a bit…yikes are those a fijord-fueled bidet on the ears.


Here’s a nice introduction:

Some sleazeballs are taking music from demos and claiming it’s theirs.


I didn’t realize it was Demo-scene - I was trying to figure out what the entire word could mean (like Pleistocene or something), clicked on the links and got further confused when the things they referenced were beyond obscure.

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