Chloe LMAO: Who is she?

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This is what passes for hilarious these days? I’m too old for this shit, Internet. You just lost one customer.


The thing is, it nails the comedy formula of building anticipation (esp with a visual setup so mundane), having the punchline surprise us (few people would’ve guessed those strong facial details) and utilizing something familiar (the A-ha intro) that could act as a container/ride leading us through the narrative.

Also, it’s quick weird-funny w/ a hint of nostalgia. The internet has always eaten that up.


What the hell kind of teenager thinks they don’t already know it all? You fail at teenager!


I second this.

Get off my lawn!!!

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Don’t know about you peeps, but the one with her in the tree had me rolling.
At least she doesn’t duck face and pop/twerk dance at the camera like so many others.

I found the vine funny. Then I looked at all her other vines and meh they’re ok

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