Choosing a fantasy console

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Just when 128-256bit DEC Alpha and Itanium architectures are in for anyone who can find the tank (muscularly built and/or tooled person) to get the hardware to their place, the 6…16 bit range is a ‘fantasy’ console range. This tickles all the wrong interfaces for me; what …oh, Google says ‘Very popular in the retrogaming and game jam scenes.’

ߘߘߘ these discussion things swallow my indentation so I gotta put dharma wheels and s&*( here yo. People regress to 7y.o. … 9 y.o. and this is the fantasy, right? Either they lie about reality and buy the biggest suit, or make a granular progressivism in under 100kB? [Dear y’all. I would like to apologize for the previous disenthusiasm.]

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Anyone have any fantasy console projects to share?
I cloned VisiCalc and Eliza for the Pico-8.

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