$49 gaming console for PICO-8 games

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It feels like Ground Hog Day in here…


A quick clarification! This is actually 2 products in one:

  • PocketCHIP, the $9 CHIP computer (a raspberry pi competitor) with an accessory that adds a keyboard, screen, and battery. The CHIP operating system and hardware design are all open source.
  • Pico-8, an 8-bit “fantasy console” designed by Lexaloffle. It normally costs $15, but comes preinstalled on the CHIP when you buy a PocketCHIP bundle. Pico-8 is closed source, but games export as HTML5, and are freely editable by anyone with Pico-8.

This is getting ridiculous.

I mean, it’s nice that the editorial team is so in tune with each other that they’d blog overlapping items, but it’s not, you know, organised to be quite so anarchic. If it’s the site software, guys and guy-ettes, get it sorted, eh?


not to change the topic but did anyone hear about a sex doll that was thought to be an angel?


Mary Magdalene?

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I am unjustifiably peeved at their recurring use of “1000’s.” Apostrophes don’t form plurals.

I dunno how “meager” pico-8’s requirements are – it’s implemented in Lua (an interpreted language), not C or assembly.

The CHIP is nothing to sneeze at. It’s at least as powerful as the Raspberry Pi 3, and apparently runs desktop Linux well enough for casual use. I’m waiting for mine to arrive later this month…

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I have a PocketCHIP from the Kickstarter coming. Will it have Pico-8 on it?

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