Chrome extension turns every instance of the word "cloud" into "butt"


Chrome extension turns every instance of the word “butt” into “butt”

I don’t get it.


A much more effective one changes “the cloud” to “my butt”, reducing the false positives significantly (and adding hilarious effect to phrases like “thousands of machines in the cloud”). Also available for Firefox and Safari (such add-ons have been around for many, many months).

I just don’t understand why people want to pay companies to stand in between their possessions and themselves such as cloud storage/computing.

People are basically putting a toll-booth between them and their shit making some legal fiction the toll booth operator to their own stuff.

Who the fuck does that?

Oh my gawd, the wiki entry for Cloud Computing is hilarious with this. I am in tears.

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The selling feature of the cloud is that you don’t have to administer your servers. Someone else is in charge of applying patches, running backups, verifying that the backups work, configuring the security, etc…

Of course this means you’re trusting some guy you don’t know to do all of that critical stuff. While he has the advantage of all of that being his full time job and theoretically is competent, you can never know for sure. Plus, you add another failure mode to your network (anything that happens on the internet).

For regular people there’s also the advantage in that you can’t run servers from your home connection, so the cloud infrastructure gives you really flexible web hosting.

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You know, all my critical files are tiny. I don’t need to back up my copies of Gandhi and Lord of the Rings… just some spreadsheets and text files. I can fit them all on a flash drive - in fact it says 99% free.

“Cloud vendors are experiencing growth rates of 50% per annum”


I am dying.

I mean, even the references!

Ryan; Falvey; Merchant (October 2011). “Regulation of my Butt in India”. Journal of Internet Law 15 (4).

What what (in the cloud)?


This one is pretty fantastic as well.

It’s the only way to surf.

Thunderbutts, heavy butt-cover, Butt-y with a chance of showers…

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