Dump your hard drive. A better backup solution in on sale in our store today


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They sound trustworthy. Oh Wait. https://torrentfreak.com/backup-service-kicks-customer-infringing-torrent-files-140823/

“Lifetime storage”


My cloud based OS is really slow to boot up.



Now they’ll have to send an assassin to uphold the contract.


“Cloud computing is just other peoples’ computers.” - not me


b-b-but wha about ma shit int-o-net dat goes out when it rains???


Is this another random generator bot-thing?


“Retrieve stored files in approximately 3-5 hours”. Hmm, where have I heard that before. Oh yeah, Amazon Glacier. If this isn’t just a wrapper around Glacier I’ll eat my hat.


Dump your hard drive.

What? OK, if you say so.

A better backup solution in on sale in our store today

Wait… my computer won’t start now…


So they bought a bunch of used tape servers on eBay? (Or from eBay?)


No thanks.

I will keep my data on my 3Tb second harddrive (CD$150). After all, the Cloud is just somebody else’s computer, so why should I place my data on their computer? While it is likely secure, it is also a much, much larger target for data thieves. I also know the quality of my own maintenance levels, but I don’t know about the cloud company’s quality. I also control what 3rd party apps run on my system, but I have no control over what runs on the cloud company’s system. My computer, being in my home, is subject to law enforcement requiring a search warrant, but the cloud company is subject to other laws, laws that are not the same as the ones in my country. Laws such as the PATRIOT Act and FISA, with their secret security letters and gag orders, make my data much more vulnerable to government intrusion.

So, again, no thanks.


How does the reliability of the shingle-write 8TB disks look? Any long-term data trickling in?

…we need some sort of permanent data recording, maybe laser-etching to thin metal tape, or more likely writing into a holographic crystal… something that does not degrade (DVD-Rs, I am looking at YOU!) and can be read after many decades, or even centuries… and cheap enough to have multiple copies…

…really looking forward to the future where we’ll have very cheap femtosecond laser modules… may look as fantastic today as the green laser pointer DPSS modules with energy-doubling photonic crystals looked in 1970’s…


I’m really put off by these “Boing Boing Store” posts that are clearly just random crap that the BB writers haven’t bothered to look at much less endorse. I realize the site’s gotta make money somehow, but does it have to be at the expense of their credibility?

Contrast with Daring Fireball, whose “sponsors” are all directly vetted by Gruber.


He’s disclosed his financial arrangements with Apple to shill for them?


@OtherMichael: Are you trolling the boards?


This is a feature?


Paper tape or a deck of punch-cards?


Yeah that is nice and non-volatile even against magnets when stored properly, but data density is really low.

Magnetic tape has stuck around for a reason, it strikes a good compromise. Some kind of optical tape might work as a step forward, keeping magnetic tape’s density but removing the need to keep magnets far away.

I’m kinda surprised that’s not already a thing, unless there’s some downside I’m missing.