It's never been a better time to break up with your hard drive: Pay What You Want for five years of cloud backup

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This is the same cloud that keeps leaking dick pix?



So I don’t need a hard drive any more thanks to Zoolz?

How many of my hard drives don’t I need?

How many of my computers don’t need hard drives?

What ass clown thought Zoolz was a name that inspired trust?

What sort of “lifetime” does pay what you want achieve in a business plan?

And lastly

There is no hard drive, only Zoolz


Even ditching all of the poorly written add copy, I’d love to see how long a restore takes them in comparison to a backup. I haven’t seen a “cloud” vendor yet that backs up substantial amounts of data that won’t admit they have to send you a physical drive to restore in a reasonable amount of time.

Serves Gozerz the Gozerianz.


My name is Rob Ford, and I approve this backup service.

For hard drives.



They’re putting a pretty face on Glacier, so I’d think restoring from a backup would take forever. I think using them instead of your hard drive would make you long for that tape drive your C-64.

Boing Boing Store, think about what I’m saying here: Even when you give this service away I’m still saying “no thanks.”

Find better things for your store.


I heard even Rob Ford is carping about this deal.

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No, actually, you can’t.

You can pay what you want for the 5-year, 100GB plan. To get the 5-year, 500GB plan you have to “Beat the Average Price,” which as I write this is $10.10. However, the 500GB plan is pretty cheap at that price.

The Good:

This deal seems to come from Genie9 (owner of Zoolz) directly and not a Zoolz reseller, so it is more likely that this deal really will last five years than if you paid a reseller who might fail to pay his or her monthly dues to Zoolz. And, unlike many Zoolz back up plan deals, half the storage is real, always on “instant storage” rather than none of it.

The Less Good:

On the other hand, anyone offering multi-year deals at super dramatic discounts paid up front may be in financial trouble and the low price may just be paying off current debts and not be sufficient to keep the company afloat going forward. And, while 250GB may be “instant” storage, the other half is Amazon Glacier cold storage. To restore from cold storage takes 4 hours just to pull the files from storage and give you temporary access to them.

Zoolz is also the company that nuked a guy’s entire 1.5 terrabyte backup because it contained some torrent pointer files - not copyrighted media files, just the pointer files. Zoolz would not let him recover any of his other files from his fully paid back up. Zoolz explains that this spying on content only applies “home” plans (such as on offer here) and those that are being “abused,” with “abuse” being defined as a back up having more than 50% media files.

Speaking of “abuse,” if you have more than 50% media files in your back up, Zoolz will, at their sole discretion, make you pay for a “business” plan, at a much higher rate - which could explain how they can offer this plan so cheap.


Did you really just bring in a fish pun to draw attention to your Ford avatar? Am I just trolling?

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A man, his fish puns, and bad shoopin’, is this a crime!?   (don’t worry, I have other fish avatars lined up)


Why are we always framing everything in question format? ( Curse you @OtherMichael!)

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Shouldn’t you be cursing Socrates?


Securely encrypted?

Its been years since I upgraded a disk because I ran out of space.

I upgrade disks out of boredom more than anything else these days. Once 2TB SSDs are reasonably priced, I won’t ever need spinning rust ever again.

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My dream storage would be a big thunderbolt RAID case filled with 2TB SSDs. Would really like to consolidate the 5 or 6TB of various external spinny disks.


Good to know. Not that I would use something like this for my critical files. That’s why I have a 3TB and 2TB backup drives attached to my computer. If need be, I can unplug and take them with me.

That’s what I’m waiting for. SSD all the way (when it’s affordable)!!