Chromebook a low-end hit

I like my Chromebook, I’m writing on it now. For a while, I had it double-booting Ubuntu and ChromeOS, and set it up to share across partitions, so it was a fully functional machine. And then I spilled water on it, and it has been a bit unstable ever since…never got 3G to work on the Ubuntu side either…

The only issues I see with Linux & inexperienced users is keeping everything updated. If the system doesn’t do it in the background, then it just won’t get done with some users. It’s frustrating and the only reason why I don’t deal with anyone’s PC issues for friends & family anymore. I’m not a fan of Apple but I can see why their OS is popular. For climbing into their gilded cage, it keeps everything ship shape.

How so? Neither iOS nor the apps auto update… At least in Android apps do actually silently and automatically update themselves.

I’ve been eyeing these things. Netbooks do have place. Love my quirky Netbook that’s currently running Bodhi. Battery life is great. I’d definitely run this with Puppy Linux as the 2nd OS.

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