Chromebook Plus standard guarantees laptop not total piece of junk

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More cheap hardware to strip the Google spyware from and install Linux? Sounds good to me.


How does one of these differ from the standard (low) entry-level laptop offerings from the major brands? I thought the concept of a “Chromebook” was that it was much simpler and less powerful technology that was primarily intended for relatively low-stress things like web surfing. (“Low-stress” for the machine, not necessarily for the web surfer, of course.)

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“laptops” run on windows while Chromebooks use chromium or whatever… it’s more like using a phone. Not paying for the windows licensing helps keep costs down.

Another method of keeping costs down is to use underpowered components, as you mentioned, so I’m guessing some users would be disappointed with their new chrome machine when they discover it can’t play high frame rate games at 1080 while streaming Spotify and have 10 browser tabs open in the background. This standard establishes a phrase consumers can understand rather than them trying to decipher the technical specs themselves.

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Hm, looking for the chromebook plus plus standard, to throw at least a 2k screen, stylus, 16GB DDR5, 2 fans and 3 AH of battery. Maybe an ARM A510 in the chipset to spoof Monte Carlo at ads that insist on reading under your mouse all the time yet haven’t been OOM killed because they’re on a PC. Sort of.

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