Sleek design meets innovation with these Acer Chromebooks, on sale now at over 50% off

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If you find a great deal on a chromebook, be sure to check when it is scheduled to stop receiving updates
I think you can still run linux on them, though I’ve still never tried, since all I would want to run on mine is chrome, and it already does that, and by the time it expires I’ll want something newer/faster anyways.


I have an Acer Chromebook 14 and it is very close to being the perfect malware resistant web appliance. There is a major shortcoming to these refurbs though (other than the partially elapsed freshness date). You can run Android apps and/or the Linux beta on them now, but a 16 GB SSD is barely enough for a typical ChromeOS setup plus a few substantial apps. I had a setup like that and it was constantly throwing alerts about storage space. 32 GB is a good target if you plan to get seriously involved.

16 GB is fine for a relative who just wants to browse and use social media though. I soooo wish that they had these devices back when my parents were struggling with crap infested windows hardware.

A few years ago, a nephew gave me an Acer Chromebox. I liked that it booted up almost instantly, but it was running Chrome & Google was starting to obviously become at least semi-evil. There are hacks available so you can run Linux on it, and you can easily upgrade the RAM & SSD & it still boots pretty quickly. Not sure how easy it would be to upgrade these laptops. Agreed with @NoTouchPaw, 16 GB isn’t enough. Sure, you can plug in an eternal drive, but that kinda kills the portabilty aspect of a laptop.

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