Get back to school savings on Chromebooks, mini PC's, & laptops

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CAVEAT EMPTOR! Chromebooks only get five years of updates, and I bet most of these are close to that. You can check to see. Also, the Celeron N3160 a lot of these have is pretty slow, even in ChromeOS. I use a Samsung Chromebook 3 with one, and I get by, but this is a back up machine.

Also, you want 4GB of RAM and not “up to 4GM of RAM” as on the Lenovo listing. What does that mean? 0? Probably 2GB.

There are things to do when you run out of ChromeOS updates, like CloudReady or some light Linux distro. One of those is in my future.


You can get an actual refurbished thinkkpad for this kind of money, with more power and a bigger HDD anyhow.


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