Upgrade your PC with this sale on refurbished computers from Microsoft, HP, Dell, and more

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When looking at cheap Chromebooks, always check Google’s Auto Update policy. For example, the Asus C200 and Acer C720P both stopped getting updates last June. That doesn’t mean the laptops can’t be used for something else, such as for install Linux, but don’t plan on using them as Chromebooks.


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Compare the prices of these Refurbished models with new ones at other sellers. You can find similarly spec’d new HP models with SSD drives instead of HDD for about the same or similar prices to these older models…

15" HP Laptop with Ryzen 5 CPU and 8GB of RAM from BoingBoing store.

15" HP Laptop Ryzen 5 CPU with 8GB of RAM from Amazon

They even use the same stock pictures…

That being said, you’d be better off giving HP a pass. Speaking advisedly, as I just sent my elderly father’s HP laptop in for service after the hinges self destructed, taking the flimsy plastics of the case with them. Absolute Junk.


Not true. I have an Acer 720P and got an update just yesterday. They don’t really cut off updates.

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