Chuck Berry, Rock Music Legend, Dies at 90


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2017 is working hard to beat 2016 as a really, really shitty year.


Chuck Berry was the foundations of… everything.

Speaking as an old fart punk, he will be greatly missed and is greatly appreciated.



If Elvis was the “show”, Chuck Berry was the Rock-n - Roll. Oh fuck it, he was the show too.


Maybellene! Rest is peace!


He had a great run. I suppose it was his time. He rocked harder than most, ninety years seems fair, all things considered.

I’m saddened by the loss, nonetheless. So much of what he did, both in his own recordings, and to those he influenced, means so much to me. I really don’t think my identity would be the same without him.

[cues The Great 28, turns it all the way up, pours a glass]

Sir, the USA has lost a person who defined us all. You did it the way it ought to be done. I raise my glass to your memory.


Musical ambassador for Sol…


##RIP to one of the Founding Fathers of Rock & Roll.



I put a suspect rig from my computer to my amp and then put my big speaker outside on the front porch. The wire disconnected and I think it shorted it out. The amp came back alive but that speaker might have gave up the ghost. Good thing I’ve got 3 more. Worth it.



One of the best RR movies ever made. I love them both, but poor Keith… Man, did he have to put up with a lot of shit from Chuck.
This one is not on Youtube for some reason, but this scene is awesome. Trying to find the one with Keith being interviewed in the dressing room after the show and he’s beat.


fuck yeah, man



I met Chuck a few different times. His reputation for being ornery and thorny was well deserved, as was his reputation for merely phoning many of those gigs in.

That being said, I discovered that showing the guy even the merest bit of real respect (I would call him Mr. Berry) allowed me to share a couple of lengthy, and really remarkable and fun conversations about everything from his own love of the roots music that inspired him, to the actual inspiration of the legendary souped up jitney.

I was also quite fortunate enough to see him on a few occasions with his own band featuring the truly legendary Johnny Johnson on piano. With his own band, Chuck would simply tear the house down.

Yeah, I saw plenty if the not so great shows as well, but to quote Lord Buckley here, when he laid it down, it STAID down.


As the old joke goes… The aliens found the Voyager records and sent the Earth a message;

“Send more Chuck Berry”


heh. I knew that I should have scrolled down to see if anyone beat me to the joke…


Dammit - I’ve had him on my list of people I want to see and didn’t get it done.

Chuck - you gave us so much. You tear it up now, wherever you are.


Touch of friendly envy :slight_smile:
I had cassettes of his that became unplayable. And yes, the Johnny b Goode scene in Back to the Future is appropriation, it still makes me dance.