Chunk is the coolest kid ever


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Things I miss: Sloth

Thanks for taking one for the team, big guy!


Ummm… “HEY YOU GUYS!!!”


Goonies is for sure a classic, every time i see it i can’t help but laugh and have a blast :slight_smile:


Every single day.


Time to be “that guy.” Maybe it’s because I didn’t see Goonies until well into adulthood (and as such, I’ve built up zero nostalgia around it) but I’ve seen it numerous times (because Mrs Ficus loves it) and every time I find it to be a terrible, terrible film. (Although I will concede that the Spanish translation scenes are hilarious. And that Cyndi Lauper song is pretty great.)

I’m sure I’m in the minority, though.




I don’t judge it so harshly (I was 18 at the time), but movies like this or Little Monsters are routinely passed over when I’m feeling nostalgic.

ETA: I’d prefer Krull, or Dragonslayer, or maybe E.T.


any time I don’t want someone to enter my home or room, I’ll say “you can’t come in, I’ve got all my sex torture devices set up right now.”


Weren’t they just low-budget Gremlins?


Most of the characters in that movie were banal stereotypes, and Chunk was perhaps the most distasteful of these: a fat kid with no self-control, who spends the entire film looking for opportunities to stuff himself. Sure, I thought it was funny in grade school, but having rewatched it I didn’t find that the humor held up at all, and it’s definitely not something that I would feel good about showing a kid.


I will forever love this masterpiece of filmmaking.


I had an opportunity to see a special screening of The Goonies hosted by Jeff Cohen (who had since gown up to become an entertainment lawyer) about 10 or 11 years ago. It was a lot of fun and he regaled the audience with stories of the production.

He joked that most overweight actors in the 1980s were pigeonholed into one of two roles: the fat comedy relief guy in a Hawaiian shirt or the fat comedy relief guy in plaid pants… whereas he got to break that barrier by being the fat comedy relief guy in a Hawaiian shirt AND plaid pants. (For what it’s worth Cohen grew into his weight during high school and seemed pretty fit by the time of the screening.)


There were no Gremlin-like creatures in Goonies. Perhaps you are thinking of Ghoulies?


Let’s also take a moment to feel some sympathy for the poor woman that now owns the Goonies house and after years of kindly accommodating fans has since covered it in tarps to keep people away.




Sure, but is that because it’s a Goonies quote, or because it’s true?



that is the kind of dedication that changes the bbs for the better


I fell in love with The Goonies when it came out and it has consistently brought joy when viewed. There’s just so much goofy fun, kids-hanging-out-and-being-kids before addiction and game theories were used to keep people glued to a small screen. The Goonies gang knew how to hang out with each other, knew about each other’s lives and foibles, and knew how to create fun.