Gorgeous glass-epoxy board and hand soldering in these. I can almost smell the flux. Modern devices with more crowded modern boards and the use of chips make more interesting devices that use less power (and all the rest of that argument), but there was something pleasurable about the craft of working on older boards with discrete components.


That poor capacitor on the left is puking its guts out. The others don’t look long for this world either. $35 bench/estimation fee, please.


Thanks again, Xeni, for pulling one of my images from the flickr pool! This one was taken at the amazing Museum of Arts & Crafts (Musee des Arts et Metier) in Paris, France last November. The (man-made) objects on display there span the last several centuries up to the present. Amazing place and well worth losing yourself in for an afternoon.


Thank you, Michael!


We do pay for wire photos.

This is like the platonic form of the dumb, sneering, hostile and completely incorrect comment. Cheerio!

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