Citizenfour: all it's cracked up to be and more

He’s surely anxious to hear of scenarios where he mayn’t be subject to forces wishing to extract remedy from him. Even lowered liability from “any proper civil and criminal remedies”, to maybe some remedies, perhaps improper, would be a relief from the stress of litigation.

Ah, right. So absolutely not about pro-NSA astroturfers trying to squash publicity of a movie at all, then. That’s good to hear.
Ethics. Got it.


Absolutely not.


I am dreaming about the world without concern-trolling lawyers.

Thinking about it, most of other kinds too.

Also, to show how much are the lawyers loved in general…

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Something of a theme cropping up there…

[quote=“dbslaw, post:16, topic:49083”]
With all due respect, You should consult your lawyers.[/quote]

Why do you assume I employ attorneys?

This is a bulletin board. Thousands of people such as myself subscribe to it and post here. You would be in error to assume that we all represent BoingBoing’s company, Happy Mutants, LLC. So you are going out on a limb when you state that I am in violation of this law, or that they are my terms of service.

[quote=“dbslaw, post:16, topic:49083”]As for your rude response and foolish rationalizations, you will have to reflect upon the consequences, if any, of such in the various ways such an unprofessional has been handled.
All rights fully reserved.[/quote]

You will need to be more specific with regards to this “rude response” and these “foolish rationalizations” you speak of. I think my observations don’t become foolish because of how they may or not relate to your understanding of some supposed New York statute. I apologize if it distresses you that I don’t adapt to this narrow frame of reference you put forth. As for rude - if you are an attorney who is actually concerned with the ethical and legal implications of Cory Doctorow’s post here about Citizenfour - you might want to re-think arguing your case here in the BBS as a way of addressing this.


Well, be careful you don’t pinch yourself.

I’d point to a URL where there are actually lawyers organizing to combat such unfair criticisms, but I’m too lazy. Sort of an anti-lawyer-defamation league. It’s a pretty small Google target, but there is a cadre of litigants that believes such jokes unfairly harm them.

I couldn’t find any example of it. Every search I did ended with more lawyer jokes.

Maybe the anti-lawyer-defamation league is a joke itself? (Whether intended as it or not?) Something like “don’t taunt happy fun lawyer”?


Thanks, but it looks like that listing is wrong. It’s not on the theatre website and no way to get tickets.

Nothing so scary as the legal action that takes place outside of an actual court with rules for service and procedure. Pro tip: you can file your case and serve papers without any other advance warning. Anything else just makes you look like a weak dork.


Ohhhh. Thank you, that twitter feed is comical. Made my day! :smiley:

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Get out of my head!

At work I deal with a general help-line of sorts, and we get all sorts of wacky messages coming in that make up a kaleidoscope of mental illnesses and long-practiced prejudices. Here’s a fave from recently:

> So you say you believe in God but normally do not demonstrate you believe!

I never claimed to have said I believe and nor do I demonstrate I believe

But, you are the one who says you do so now you may have an opportunity to
demonstrate you believe and when you demonstrate you believe then I will
believe you believe,

If you can stand next to OUR bed and watch me make love to another woman,

to watch our foreplay and whatever foreplay entails,

to accept she becomes pregnant,

give birth to our child and to adopt my off spring with this other woman
and become a true mother for my child with this woman,

and turn to the BOOK and forgive us both, for the rest of your life,


And you’re coming off a lot like the writers of that stuff.


I believe in The Foreplay! It works! He has risen!


“This user is suspended until October 16, 2288 2:32pm.
Reason: Legal rantings.”

Looks like Mr. Lawyer learned the hard way how much love his profession earned, and that lawyering threats around does not always get people “back in line”. Too bad he didn’t last longer, could be amusing.

From his Twitter feed comes a news about some lawsuit against the Citizenfour movie. I found a short summary here:

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Bye for now, see you in the distant future.
Try to be nice in the meantime.

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