Cory Doctorow blogging grievance thread


Here’s a thread to post all your grievances about Cory’s posts instead of derailing the threads of said posts with off-topic complaints.

Complain to your heart’s content.


He likes cool things. He should cut that out.


That fucker also wears glasses.


He is enthusiastic about his books, the books of his friends, and his spouse’s cool cutting-edge tech business.


I stood next to him in a bar for five minutes and he didn’t introduce himself.


He’s too even-minded and clever.


I now thinks it’s time to have an exhaustive, semantic, pedantic debate on what “even-minded” really means and if I should have encapsulated the expression in quotes as well just now in this sentence you’re reading.


Oh jeez fuck…

I’m thinking about making another grievance thread in which we complain about serial pedants on boingboing. I just stumbled upon one you’ve been dealing with here:

This gif below should be the official flag for the pedant grievance thread. On that note, I think I’d like to request that mods allow for official flags for threads:


I am here to complain that ever since Cory stopped posting about “cake mods” and wifi-hacks (that was, what, back in 2005?) I have had very little to complain about, and that chaps my ass.


I mean really, I’m happy to listen to someone who recognises that no good debate can be exhausted, who can write in the first person singular and not Bush Jnr style irretrievably altering the fundamental intent of a sentence, who uses short words where long words will do (or is it the other way round?) and writes without pedantically and radically introspectively re-inspecting the content of their own drivel without even identifying common gramtjical errors whilst endeavouring to meta-analyse their own position and self-expression thereby demonstrating a lack of self-assuredness that can only erode the basis of their intent and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt (a shadow! no less) the rhetorical and posturing nature of their own time spent here at bbs.

I mean rerlly.


Are you for real? What about all the fucking bananas?


I’m beginning to think that he’s an activist.


What about all the fucking bananas?


Well, have you looked at them? Just look at them!


I love it when a plan comes together!


I mean rerlly.



It always disappointed me that he didn’t go into pediatric medicine just to freak out kids with his surname. (“I have to get a shot from Doctor OW!?”)


Let’s just leave all this banana fucking out of it.


yeah, uh… don’t google that.

unless, you, it’s your… thing…