City ends mask mandate and $1,000 fines.... 959 days later

Originally published at: City ends mask mandate and $1,000 fines…. 959 days later | Boing Boing

“City ends mask mandate and $1,000 fines…. 959 days later”

Well yes it does, and the city is Hong Kong, which I knew from reading the news earlier today.

Isn’t a bit rubbish to go for a clickbait headline with withheld information? For the cost of five more letters we could have had “Hong Kong ends mask mandate…”


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Yes, it is a bit rubbish, but so is say, owning buildings and charging people rent to live in them, or charging say, 18% interest on credit card debt.

Good luck trying to reverse the prevailing winds.


And welcome to BB as well, sad but true

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Indeed. Still, a little complaining is good for the soul. Maybe.

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The Coronavirus was consulted re: this planned “return to normalcy,” and, surprise, it turns out it’s not on board.
HK admins happily assured reporters that normalcy could nonetheless still be achieved as long as ‘normal’ was redefined to include a few hundred preventable deaths each day.


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