Claimdog - a site that finds and collects your unclaimed money

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Please note that most of what they do is search various state unclaimed property databases – 47 of 50 of which are free and easy to search yourself. If you live in California, for instance, it would be ridiculous to pay $10 to do something you could do yourself faster and for free:


So that site does not show Wa state data but it did provide a link. I did a search and my name and address did come up. There was a company called Travel Zoo that gave you stock shares if you sighed up back in the 90s. Whatever I had was valued at over 100 bucks but I do not have a certificate for whatever shares I have. I ran across this about a year ago and tried to file a claim but when I told them I did not have a certificate they said they needed to be contacted via email. I did so then but they never reached out to me one way or the other. Maybe this time I will have better luck.

State of Nevada i know has around 200-300 bucks for me in an unclaimed check. However the address that’s tied to the check is one that i lived at briefly over 10 years ago and i have no way of proving that i lived there. Not sure where or who i can ask for that kind of info, otherwise i would’ve filed the claim myself years ago. I’m weary of giving my info to some random company though

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My sister had issues with our parents, and after they died she spent years searching for the missing money. There wasn’t any. It was the love.

It’s buried in the woods. Instructions to find it was sealed in the foundation… of the neighbor’s house.

According to the state of California’s unclaimed property website, I’m owed $0.04 by GMAC! Those jerks, trying to cheat me out of my rightful monies!

Looks like my deceased mom is owed just about $100 from a couple of sources. Who knew?

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Wait, are we SURE this isn’t a low-stakes version of a 419 scam? Because I’m still waiting on that Nigerian holding company to release the $1.5 million in gold bullion that Prince Zazzau owes me.


The website directed me towards the New York State Dept of the Comptroller to handle a claim. I didn’t send them anything. So I guess it is legit.

Wow…I actually just found out I was owed $113 from a job I had years ago while in college. I guess I never picked up my last paycheck, lol.

So yeah, thanks for the link!

For those wondering, this didn’t go through some shady third party website, it redirected to my home state’s actual .gov claim website. I don’t know what all the $10 stuff is about, this appeared to be free.

The weird thing is my NAME wasn’t bringing anything up from my state’s website, but the property ID number the site gave showed results that contained my name.

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The CA site didn’t find the one that Claimdog did for me, which was $140 freakin’ bucks!

I’m going to be so jazzed if this actually works and I don’t get my identity stolen. Thanks for the link, BB. <3

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I know I have something like $1300 unclaimed in the state of Florida. The catch is - I’ve never lived in Florida. My best friend lived there, she co-signed something for me once 18 years ago, and I still can’t get her address off my credit report.

I’ve gotten the paperwork to claim the money but I’ve just never gotten around to finding all the documentation they want.

I don’t have any claims, but…my husband has two. One is his cable deposit ($80) from 1989 and the other is from his old employer ($974). The funny thing is that neither one showed up on the California unclaimed assets website, and both claims are from California.

I think he’ll give the site a try.

Woo Hoo! Claimdog found that Google owes me $10.73…and they charged me nothing to file the claim. Assuming it’s a legit site I should be $10.73 richer in a few weeks.

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Got around to doing a search on the site and amusingly it actually can’t find the several unclaimed moneys i know i have. Interestingly the sites you posted are all 3rd party, if i go to the legit government ones i do find it.

If someone wanted to try go here and then select a state you think has your money:

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