Classic art improved with emoji: Ukrainian artist Nastya Nudnik


Emoji - I do not think it mean what you think it means.

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There was SOME emogi.

I see exactly one. But maybe that’s the only one that Xeni thought was improved.

I don’t think that’s one either, it’s a smiley.

These are pretty funny, but the artist seems to think that they are profound statements rather than simple jokes.


Yeah…these are more along the lines of very good Cracked photoshop entries.

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Here’s my contribution:


Nah. Not so great.

Uhmmm… okay. And what exactly makes you think you know what the artist thinks?

Hint: it’s most probably none of both.

To quote the artist “I adore playing on contrasts and try to put dualism in every work.” Which to me indicates that the Nudnik thinks that they are something more than moderately funny jokes.

She never said anything about profound statements, though. It’s light-hearted and clever. Sure, could just aswell be a novelty from 9gag but that’s what contemporain art is, as Banksy introduced it to a broader public: respectless to the expectation of an educated public which is also what, for example, the inpressionist movement did in its own time. There’s no need for a deeper message. Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

Go to her Tumblr, click on the links to interviews she’s done about them.

It’s a nifty idea and she pulls them off well, but she also takes it far more seriously than she probably should…

Hey, YMMV.

Ah, but she’s entitled to do that. You know that being a modern artist is 50% acting like you’re a superior being with a divine inspiration :wink:

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