Classic characters as 8x8 sprites

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At first I thought “Recognizable? These are just blobs of color!”

Then I put on my glasses and went “Oh right. Mario, mutant turtles, Simpson’s characters. Got it.”


In game, the characters will probably be even more recognizable as the sprites move through their animation sequences.


And the 16K ZX Spectrum User-Defined Graphics specification :slight_smile:

(If just the supported 256 colours were used, natch, which actually looks like it isn’t the case)

[Stands back ten feet from computer monitor]

Yeah I get it now… most of it…

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It seems that because of compression artifacts and probably because of some color profile shenanigans, the image on the BB post (and the image on PixelProspector’s tweet) does not conform to the Pico-8 color palette.

Here’s a version that does conforms perfectly to said palette (you will need to zoom in, as these are exactly 8x8 pixels each):



No, it looks better this way. Otherwise I feel like Cameron Fry looking at A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte.

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