Characters based on tiny procedurally-generated sprites

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When I look at mangled sprites I also see scantily clad busty women. Wait, no. No I don’t. But a primitive part of my brain does appreciate the help.


I have to say I prefer the illustrations. Kung Fu girl kicks ass!


Sort of agree, but not entirely. I wouldn’t consider the Kung Fu girl as being sexualized, the 2nd drawing is but i can see why the artist made the choice to do so considering the placement of the flesh tone pixels. One could do some mental gymnastics when interpreting the random pixels to come up with something totally different but i’d say that his take on it is reasonable. Is it my preference? No, but it’s just a drawing exercise. When i was younger i used to do a version of this but by placing random scribbles on a page and later modifying it to come up with a drawing. It’s fun when playing with multiple people.

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Those are clearly larger than 8x8. 12x12 maybe.

yuuge pixels. the best.

You wouldn’t believe the size of my pixels. Just fantastic.

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Meanwhile there’s probably some being in the TRAPPIST-1 system fapping to this right now:


That still gets me through certain meetings… My buddy and I used to spend half the school day passing papers back and forth with scribbles to be finished.

I usually see Galaga aliens…

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