30 great illustrations from one dumb pin-up sketch


It’s amazing how consistent the bust size is with these doodles. I understand the concept is by the same guy, but still.

That is great stuff! I’d read any of the comix that feature those panels.

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awright, y’all. let’s get this started



I cannot believe how good these are.

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word. the cop busting her for safe-cracking is the coup-de-grace, to me.

EDIT: there’s even more on his flikr set, and his stream is cool in general

When you order the booklet, you can request a custom pinup drawing. I did. David is awesome.

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Really good, and respectful - no bullet boobs.

This reminds me of a joke “complete the drawing” thing I saw once, that someone handed out as an ice breaker. It was a drawing of a rabbit with a short section of its back erased, and you were supposed to “complete” both the drawing and the sentence, “This is a ______.” I drew bat wings coming out of its back, scales, and flame breath, and wrote “This is a DRAGON.”

These are great, but the saskwatch hiding behind the log unsettled me.

Man, mark sure did find some way to get upset over a pinup, didn’t he?

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