Classic game logos tumblr offers a surprisingly focused collection, as useful to artists as it is nostalgic to browse through. It could use filtering tools: say, if one wanted to show just those from Pysgnosis or Nintendo. READ THE REST

Missing some of Pysgnosis best:


Hell even Psygnosis’s own logo was damn good:

Most of the big 90’s era PC game makers had good instantly recognizable logos.

“Good?” It looks like an ‘80s hair metal band, and it’s not even a logo. Dated, complicated, irreproducible in any number of media, and nigh-unreadable. It’s the stuff designers’ nightmares are made of.

I see that new users are not permitted to upload images. Otherwise, you’d be looking at the logo for “The 7th Guest” from Trilobyte Games. One of the first two games to use FMV, back in the day.

And here it is:

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