Classic horror film coloring book

Colour Me Good ARRGGGHHHH is a coloring book of scenes from classic horror films. It’s in the news today after Tesco shoppers were upset to find it on the UK retailer’s Web site where it was being marketed as appropriate for young children, according to The Telegraph. It has since been removed. Amazon has it… READ THE REST

This should come with extra red crayons.


Whilst I laughed at this, the issue of certain things being deemed only “suitable for children” really annoys me. The whole controversy about video games stems from the fact that so many people still see them as for children.

The reaction some people take when they find out I enjoy cartoons, colouring in, video games, fantasy books, etc, they may as well have just called me a creep/paedophile even though less than 5% of the things I enjoy are suitable for children in any way.

I received this for Christmas. Had to hide it from my 6yo son who was desperate to get a look inside.

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