Clear plastic developers' Apple Newton on eBay


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Can I just say it?

Newtons were super cool. I always wanted one. And I nearly bought an eMate300 back in the day, too. Kinda regret missing that one.

Think they would make the iPhone 7 clear like this?
Probably not, I suppose.


Well, um, this isn’t a pre-production Newton. These clear plastic devices are usually produced to check for internal stresses in the plastic cases. They’re neat enough that they’re collectible after the fact. Apple recognized this, so in the case of the Newton 110, they produced a bunch of them, to give out to various people in the supply chain as gifts and rewards. So, there are actually a lot of these floating around out there. I had one myself; may still have it floating around somewhere. They’re not all that uncommon.


Thank you, I’ve added your comment to the post.


regardless, those clear game boy/game boy pockets are still much cooler looking that that newton


Used to make pixel art with an app called NewtPaint… Miss that alot… It had the feature to turn on and off pixels just by clicking… a feature lost in all the iOS I’ve tried…


Every so often I think about putting my Newton collection on eBay and then realize I’d probably get tree fiddy for the whole thing. And then I see the great ones like this…and realize that might be pushing it.


One of the neat things about the Newton was the keyboard, which, with the right driver and some soldering, could be used on a Palm Pilot.


Neat. Also - serious question - when I dump some Star Wars stuff on ebay can Rob pimp them out for me? I needs moneys for more crap I shouldn’t buy.


I have one of these myself. Apple did more than just make a batch to give to folks in the supply chain—they were available for purchase by any developer (“while supplies last”) at WWDC one year (1994/95-ish?).


They were offered internally to employees for purchase as well. IIRC they were 199.00 at the time which was a pretty slick deal for a Newton.

Had one, loaned to little brother, he lost it. Lesson learned. :smile:


They float?!?

OMG, want!



So a used one should be worth ten times as much! /s


Clear electronics cases are so underrated. There’s a sewing shop near me that has a sewing machine with a clear case and it’s mesmerizing to watch.


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