Cleveland: "First Amendment zones" will fence protesters far away from RNC


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This isn’t a First Amendment issue. This is a Public Safety issue. Imagine how many people could get hurt if some protesters started shooting down arguments!

I thank God every day that Ohio is an Open Carry state, so that us Patriots and other Constitutional Conservatives can protect ourselves from the Bill of Rights’ lesser Amendments.


This is the best case for civil disobedience I’ve heard in a long time. Four years, to be exact.


I wouldn’t worry about it. Republicans get all fired up when the government tries to infringe on constitutional rights around them. I’m sure they won’t let this stand.


Who’d want to get closer?

Leave them to consume themselves.


First Amendment Zone is an oxymoron.


“First Amendment zones”

I’m crying over here!


Shouldn’t that be a “First Amendment Free Zone”?


But thank the Democrats for starting it with their 1988 convention in Atlanta.

They’re in Philadelphia this year. I’m guessing they’ll be wanting to put the Bernie supporters in Allentown…


I get it, I get it, really. But. It looks a lot more like the RNC is fenced in and that …well, I’m kind of ok with that, really. Honestly, I’d feel safer if they were fenced in. Maybe add a moat?


Electric fences. Big mad dogs. Punji sticks. Facing inward.


How are these ‘fence the protesters away from and out of sight of the thing they’re protesting’ constitutionally legal?

Without irony or snideness I agree in some instances public saftey has to be addressed. IE allowing laneso of traffic/freeflow of movement to and from but these ‘zones’… How is this a thing?


Reminds me of Hell, from the Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson.

In one world visited by the novel, crime was divided into non-violent and violent crimes; all non-violent crimes had the offenders basically pay back the economic value of their crime. However, the violent crimes…

Crimes of violence were defined as the natural, inevitable, tragic, but intolerable
resultant of some combination of genes, imprints, and conditioning. The biots who
committed such acts were sent, without condemnation but irrevocably, to Hell.

Hell had previously been the state of Mississippi. After the aborigines were resettled in an environment suitable for twocircuit (prehominid) primates, Mississippi became Hell by simply surrounding it with a laser shield that made escape impossible. Everything within the shield was intact. The violent biots were free to do what they wanted, and they soon had several forms of feudalism, war, piracy, commerce, slavery, and other early primate institutions functioning in a manner that seemed normal to them.

Many violent biots and gene pools moved to Hell voluntarily, since it was the only remaining part of the world that fit their notions of proper primate society. Among those who migrated en masse and established sizable governments or robber bands in Hell were the Ku Klux Klan, the Black Panthers, the American Nazi Party, Hell’s Angels, and most of the People’s Ecology Party.


“Balance” now means “We get whatever we want, you get nothing.”


I am curious about “Where is the Second Amendment Zone?”

(That may be useful to enlist the NRA to help out with the First Amendment Zones.)


Everywhere, silly. “Firearms, however, are not on the list. Per state law, open carry will still be legal. Horvath said the matter of firearms will be “purely up to the state,” saying the city had no jurisdiction to regulate.”


The Second Amendment Zone surrounds the First Amendment zone and encompasses the rest of the country.

(That may be useful to enlist the NRA to help out with the First Amendment Zones.)
Sure, but it's technically unnecessary. There's already a fence to keep the First Amendment from getting out.


I hope that the protestors do some sort of Bolton/Trump mixed cosplay while trapped in those political dog-pens. And maybe we could get some organizers from Burning Man to do something… although that could get weird with the Bolton cosplayers.


Silly me - here I was thinking all of the United States was a First Amendment zone.


This is a case for a long and sustained act of mass civil disobedience. Which I also look forward to seeing at the DNC in Philly.