Ferguson's "free speech zone" is a padlocked no-man's-land




Free speech zones go back to 2001, and I still don’t understand them. When I was a kid, the entire country was a free speech zone. Has anybody ever been successfully prosecuted for speaking freely outside of the zone?

EDIT: I mean prosecuted, not just arrested. I know thousands have been arrested in those years, but the ones I hear about always seem to have their case dismissed after they’re no longer a threat.


The first amendment is not subject to zoning.


Well, it shouldn’t be subject to zoning, but it is, constantly.


There really ought to be only one free speech zone: Earth.

Outer space should still be subject to network neutrality. :wink:


It seems the ‘press’ gets a bit more access to the first amendment. That being the case, make sure you and everyone you know becomes a member of the press for free.


I may have missed it, but I think this is the first “free speech zone” that people haven’t even been allowed into. It’s like the Orwellian nature of the original concept wasn’t good enough for the authorities in Ferguson, so they had to double down.


The last time I checked the constitution, the whole fucking country is a “Free Speech Zone”.

What I don’t understand is why there are any Ferguson cop cars with the rubber side down.


If you don’t control free speech the next thing you know somebody will be practicing it near a school – do you really want children to learn about free speech from some stranger on the street?


Real life is vastly outpacing satire and it’s gross as hell.


No one can hear you (free) speech in space…



(May not apply in Alaska and Hawaii, apparently.)


Isn’t there also some kind of thing about peaceably assembling?


What surprises me about stories like this is hard it seems to be in America to challenge things like this and force a real decision.


Free speech is not allowed in the free speech zone.
People are not allowed in the free speech zone.
You may see hooded figures in the free speech zone.
Do not approach them.


Agreed. At least there’s enough free speech (barely) in this country that organizations like the ACLU can challenge these kind of draconian measures. And where the fuck is our president on this? Playing golf?


Sure, constitutional rights are important and all… but what about the hair on that cop to the right? Is that a mullet comb-over? A mullet-over?


Hey buddy! I got your free speech right here!
*hip pump

Also, just realised. Now cops can ask you what you’re doing and when you stop to answer them, they have an excuse to arrest you. Keep walking? LOL. Way to get shot in the head.


As far as this old Vietnam Vet is concerned the free speech zone I fought to protect extends from Canada to Mexico and from the Pacific to the Atlantic, along with Hawaii and Alaska. This concept of little “free speech pens” is so 1984’ish as to be laughable.

Hands up - Don’t shoot!