Clever camera design synchronizes "simultaneous selfies"

Photo: Fast Co Design The Duo is a two-part, rearrangeable camera to make it easy to shoot in weird directions at once. [Fast Co Design] READ THE REST

There was a fantastic Kyocera digital camera years back, where the lens portion swiveled independently of the body Link to review from 2004. They were great for taking photos with the camera held high overhead, down low, or surreptitiously on the street (because you could look down at a flat object while the lens was pointed ahead).

I always wondered why no one else went with that form factor. It probably didn’t help that Kyocera got out of the camera business immediately following its release.

I tried doing a simultaneous selfie with my partner once. Can’t say I was really into it.

OK, what am I missing here? If someone else is with you to take the second half of the camera, why do you need to take a selfie?

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