Clever Ikea ad treats print as a new technology: 'Experience the power of a bookbook™'



I wonder if Apple is going to sue - this could damage their market terribly.


Note, just like their furniture, this bookbook can be ruined by exposure to even the slightest amount of water. Kind of like my smartphone…

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So Ikea parodies apple by using the name (and adding a ™) of an existing line of apple device accessories?

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And the best part is the easy storage…

Shades of the Medieval helpdesk sketch

And Somersby Cider’s The Somersby Store advert


Are those antipersonnel strawberries?

They forgot to mention that it can be easily recycled (as happens with something like 60% of paper products) vs electronics (which end up in landfills, or as toxic waste in developing countries).

And better for sales, at least according to Zappos, an online only retailer. They found that the average sale doubled with customers who had hardcopy catalogues.

Typical Ikea, with its walled-garden approach and no way to change content. Give me my three ring binder and loose leaf any day!

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Interesting that this hasn’t stopped them from releasing the entire IKEA catalog as an iOS app.

Idea pretty much copied from this 2010 Spanish video (3 million + views in its Spanish language version)

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