BookBook for iPad Mini


They totally should have called this a Book-y Book for us Simpsons fans…

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I have the slim DODOcase (made in San Francisco!) on my iPad Mini. I admit that the look of the Book Book is nice, but I actually prefer the DODOcase because it adds basically no weight or size and also has a hole for the camera.

I have book book for my laptop. It looks cool but the quality isn’t so great, especially considering the price. You could see where they took sandpaper to the spine to give it a roughed-up, distressed look. The zipper broke after a month of light use. Best advice I can give it to check it out in person before you buy online.

I’ve had a bookbook case for my MacBook Pro for probably close to three years; it is wonderful quality. But reading the reviews over at Amazon for the bookbook for iPad mini appears to reveal a shocking reduction in quality.

looks like your ipad’s screen has seen better days.

Looks like the screen is turned off and that a glass of water, a vent in the ceiling and a light are reflected.

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Oh! Now I see it.

Okay, so now I had to buy one. =)

I really WANT to like the BookBook stuff. I even bought a BookBook cover for my iPhone 4 a while back. As much as I value the craftsmanship of these things, I value the feel of aluminum and glass far more. Putting analog wood and leather up against digital smoothness is like a mixed metaphor that doesn’t work for me.

The Mini looks nice in there, and the stand adds a bit of function. I might need to try this sometime, despite what I just said there.

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Please allow me to share with you some iPad covers that I make using traditional bookbinding methods. They are designed for historical reenactors and other history buffs, but the general bibliophile population may appreciate hand-tooled leather:

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