The first traveling library


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You can fit a fair amount into a smalll SD card if you wanna go digital.


You can go even smaller than that with quantum holography.

But printed miniature traveling libraries are neat. I remember reading that Napoleon had one custom made for him.

But what is this miniature encyclopedia set that Rob is talking about?


Though some of the books are tiny, the case itself is a bit unwieldy.


These are lovely… I’ll even forgive that the story was on the daily fail! :wink:


For some reason, miniature books were a thing in the GDR.


Hey, welcome to Boing Boing @Bookhand!

When I was younger I thought that miniature books were the coolest thing, but these days I’d need serious magnification to read them.


Mr. Jilly is currently writing a book about the history of the book mobile. It is fascinating.

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