Book nooks, miniature fantasy worlds on your bookshelves

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I love these to a degree that’s slightly unseemly. Quite a few I hadn’t seen before. The earliest ones I’d seen were pretty minimalist, but I enjoy the naturalistic details and appreciate efforts to add interesting lighting. These are getting pretty insane, really. I wonder what they’ll be like after a couple more years of people trying to out-do each other…


At the risk of supporting reddit:

some of these are just amazing.


I think I’ve found where all of our entertainment budget will be going for a while.

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I think they have failed to understand the concept of bookshelves. If you’ve got room on your bookshelves for something like this, then something has gone wrong.


Not enough space, too many books.


Bold to assume that there are any spaces between books on any of my bookshelves.


I sort of want to agree but as someone who is more of a reader than a collector I’m constantly trying to evaluate which books I’m likely to ever read a second time and return the remainder back whence they came (used bookstores and charity shops). Making one or two of these for my absolute favourite book series might be good extra motivation to clear out some of the less worthy tomes.

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I got into painting miniatures lately, and I was wondering how to display them. I actually got the idea for something similar on my own. The only problem is: I don’t have shelf-space to begin with. We have too many books, and even after pruning those we never read again we still have more than we have shelves.

Anyone who likes these book nooks might also appreciate the Thorne Miniature Rooms collection at The Art Institute of Chicago.


I don’t have enough room on my bookshelves for my books, which is part of what gives these their pornographic appeal - they’re “bookshelf porn.” It’s fantasy within fantasy…

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