How to make a Cyberpunk book nook

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Also, we have that Lovecraft collection. The copy of Ringworld we have is a cheap, battered paperback, I think though. That one is fancied up, isn’t it?


Who are these people who have even six inches of open bookshelf space?


Me. I had to give up my books when I lost my house. I now own only 18 books.


I love my book collection, the reality is that I’m lucky to have the room to house a sizable library, and the money to buy books. Not everyone has that luxury, so they depend on their local public library to have access to books that they might want to read.

Anyways, obligatory…


I keep meaning to make one or five of these. I have too many ideas - cyberpunk, goblincore, standing stones, dark fantasy, et al.

I feel like the cyberpunk one should be created via lots of 3d printed parts whereas the fantasy ones should be created using natural materials you find on a walk in the woods.

It’s not necessarily a question of who currently has six inches of open bookshelf space, but rather the knowledge that people will find or make room if they have something they want to add. My bookshelves are stacked wooden crates, so I can add more as my collection expands.


Arguably the ultimate cyberpunk book nook would be a battered bookshelf; empty except for one Kindle that has had its copy of 1984 removed by Corporate for intellectual property noncompliance.


That’s really impressive work, but I confess I’m distracted by the thought that the narrator would be perfect for a parody 1970s/'80s British science educational film.

A Kindle showing nothing but the grey snow of a television stuck between channels.

Well, at least that’s what it would look like to the average person, but it’s been hacked and reprogrammed to crack nearby wfii signals and share a library of subversive materials via TOR.

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