A chair that's also a library


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Are you supposed to sit on the cushioned part with your head in the lampshade?


yeah, the cushioned armchair with bookshelves for sides is much better.


Yeah, I pack more books than that for a weekend. Design-wise the lamp seems too low, and there’s no place for your phone or a beverage. Though if you DIY, you could certainly address these issues.

This one lacks the lamp, and frankly looks uncomfortable, but gets more books into the small space:

And speaking of DIY:




There seems to be cushions, but the person sitting in them in the photo is using the hard, unconfortable part I assumed to be a footstool instead… probably because of the unnecessary, and needlessly low, integrated lamp.

Like nothing about this design.


I don’t think even IKEA would market this.


That lower pull-out part doesn’t even have wheels or casters-- ruin your floors and piss off your downstairs neighbors, yay!


The high, cushioned “throne” at the top would be for my cat. I would sit on the hard bench below, as befits my station.


Exactly, prime kitty real estate! In my case, my bird would monkey-climb to the top of the lamp and lie in wait.


My house just ran out of space again for books. I think we’re going to have to start resorting to chairs and such that hold books.


The phone book goes under the table.


You might want to consider what we had to do (900+ books); put up shelves along the walls near to the ceiling. That amount to tons of unused space. Nicer-looking laminated boards and bracketing gets it done and not expensive.


Oh, we’re well past that point. We have an entire room dedicated to our books, floor to ceiling, with shelves in the middle of the room, too.

It’s kind of silly, actually. But books.


The Stacks!


It’s getting that way, honestly. But BOOKS!


I like having fat, substantial reading material in hand. (I guess I’m a literary version of those going back to vinyl records.)

As a gift once, I was given a gorgeous leather-bound gilt-edged edition of ‘Moby Dick’. For some reason that inspired me to stay (finally!) with a read of it (and at my ‘special’ reading spot). Oh, those wasted years. MD was excellent (and smack dab in the middle of it was a not overly dry, obscurely humorous ‘treatise’ on Cetacea). A juicy bonbon in the middle of the reading!



I think I need a shirt that says “bibliophibians”!


Lol, there would be the yellow pages, the white pages, the home address book, the “while you were out” scribble pad for messages, and a pen on a string, taped to the table so no one could walk away with it.