Wisdom Tree holds your books' place

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Anything that encourages reading, is a good thing. Looks to be any easy maker project too.


Is this really an acceptable way to store books? My gut instinct was to cringe thinking about the spines…


As a librarian, I hate this.


Bookbinding for Dummies

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Yeah i hate it, it cannot be good for the books to store them like that


Oh, those poor spines…


And here I thought the James Randi smear piece was going to be the low point.


Yeah, me too. Seems like a bit more stress than you’d want to apply to the spines of certain books, at the very least.

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This looks great for the sort of people who read books by completely folding the front cover and pages already read behind the back cover, or would normally mark their place by dog-earing pages, or would otherwise be using their books as coasters. If you’re not a complete monster, though, just use a bookmark. This doesn’t look good or classy, it’s cringe-inducing and absolutely will damage your books.


This confirms my theory that we need to keep designers away from the idea of bookshelves.


Now you too can ruin your books in one simple step, breaking the spine and drying the pages to advanced brittleness in just a few hours…

I wonder how a kindle will hold up on this? :laughing:

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At this point books are mostly fetish objects. Might as well spread and enjoy.

More like a wisdom TWEE. Ok, I’m kidding. it’s actually pretty brilliant.

looks so cool! but what are books?
Are those like ancient kindles? :wink:

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I’d prefer a Jeffersonian book stand.

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It just needs (plexiglas shelves, and) little v-shaped mirrors that go in there so you can read 5 books at a time without reading 5 books at a time. Then you make a robot that likes gently taking the books off, turning the page, putting them back, rotating in graphic and photographic books…oh no Robot, it wasn’t your choices that were bad, don’t shred yourself…oh well.


I’ll stick to bookmarks. As others have said this doesn’t seem like it’d be good for any book left on it.

that’s a “featured post”

I just use a bookmark. Doesn’t even take up very much room, as opposed to this monstrosity.