Make: a secret, rollaway bookshelf

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But all the cool kids are putting books in bookcases with the spine in!


This would be the perfect place to store the encyclopedias you ripped the spines off.


You win the internet today, sir.




The thought of wood screws being used in an open grout line makes me cringe.

So much squeaking, and jamming and wear and blergh…
There’s hardware for this sorta thing!

All that hard work, and because he doesn’t measure carefully the spine on one end is not flush with the front, damaging the illusion that they’re books. If that was my project that would bug the hell out of me.

Was that ‘g’ an autocorrect artifact?

It’s nonsense like this that does end up convincing me that Yes! We really are changing our relationship to literacy. Books used to symbolize something very specific, and now they symbolize a whole bunch of other stuff as well/instead.

I want to get outraged, and invite these kids to get offa my lawn… But truth is, I hardly ever read books anymore myself, so who am I to say this is a bad thing?

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Destroying old books because the spines look cool? Really? Please, please don’t do this. Give the books to someone who’ll value them, and use broken iphones or something.


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