Living room "wallpapered" top to bottom in books


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Those poor books!


Is placing a television front and center on a wall of discarded books some sort of statement?


I have a major negative knee jerk reaction to destroying books, even if it’s for “art”.


As do I but typically in these cases the books were destined to be destroyed anyway.


I sometimes see displays of stuff that must have originated from Books by the Foot. It’s astonishing just how difficult it is to try to focus on the titles and authors. The curious eye just seems to slide right off them. But then, I guess that’s how the books wound up with them in the first place.

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That looks more like a basement rec room to me, rather than a living room.


When I noticed that Twilight was one of the titles, I felt a little better about this project.


So the books are unreadable, just there to taunt anyone looking at them?!? As a book lover, I’d probably end up needing to plead justifiable homicide!


Interesting idea, but man, the book dust would kill me.



I came here looking for Cory’s “just look at that bookshelf, just look at it” and instead i got a little creeped out at how the books were treated… weird right? and this coming from someone who loves digital books for reading, but I loved paper books first, props to you Harold and The Purple Crayon, you’ve worked your magic. I was all jazzed to see some amazing carpentry and zero footprint wall to wall mm mm MM! Instead it’s the equivalent of those folks who add a library, yet most of the ‘books’ are just the spines. gag


Is Fahrenheit 451 one of the titles? Because it seems like a huge fire hazard to me.


Perhaps homicide is justified by libricide!


You got that right! And, to make it worse, the drywall wasn’t taped-and-mudded before the books went up – much of the drywall’s intended fire protection is now lost, since intense heat can easily lick through the gaps into the wall cavities. (Fire identifies this sort of opportunity as “lunch.”)


if anyone else wants to try this (not sure why you would want to, but you could) - you can get lots of books for cheap/free at a library book sale. they tend to sell off a lot of books that are donated to them, and give or throw away whatever is left after the sale.


That will be fun to clean!


My local branch library would probably give them to you. Our FoTL group gets twice as many as they sell, and by policy (and perhaps statute? California is weird) they aren’t allowed to throw them away. They’ve overgrown the room the library gave them and are piling them on shelves in the lobby now.


These kind of projects always make me think of my favorite John Milton quote:

“As good almost kill a man as kill a good book: who kills a man kills a reasonable creature, God’s image; but he who destroys a good book kills reason itself.”

I’m sure there was at least a couple good books in that lot.