Ignoramus watch: Designers really want you to decorate your room by shelving your books backwards

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Um… “style of substance”(?)


Lauren, we assume, is not much of a reader.

Maybe the books were there when she moved in …


It would make more sense to buy some nice papers of varying colors and/or patterns, but within a particular range that matches the decor, and make oneself some custom dust jackets for the books. Cutting everything down to size would take a little bit of time but wouldn’t be complicated and one could try their hand at calligraphy or just run the paper through a printer and print the book/author on them.

Boom. Done. Classy, personalized, and crafty. Someone pay me.


it’s weapons-grade ignorance.

Roger That!


Oh, the vitriol. You’d think someone de-knolled Cory’s tool shed.


Cory hates it when you buy books and don’t read them, got it. Wonder where that copy of Homefront that I lost when I went to uni went…supposed to be snowed in for a bit, could make a good companion :slight_smile:

Yawn. Decorators have been using books as visual props for decades. Don’t care.

ETA - also, people who shelve books properly, and don’t appear to have them organized according to color etc, doesn’t mean they actually read them either.

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Maybe Lauren has perfect spatial memory and can pull out a specific book without looking at the cover? Ok, I’m trying really, really hard to not just assume these people are total and complete idiots.

Honestly, I think there is a business in that, targeting rich idiots.


I would not be opposed to going nuts on making custom dust jackets for people’s book collections. I can think of various ways to going about it. Some day perhaps, i’ll pocket that for the future.


As someone who is apparently destined to be buried in books (I bought another one today…), this is appealing on some levels. Sitting in our living room, we are surrounding by titles of really interesting books with really interesting perspectives. They can be distracting with their eye-catching, shouted words.

I can imagine the calming effect of having them all inverted.


Top Tip:

Just stack reams of paper with the odd bit of coloured board every so often – styled up to the nines.

If I had called it a Life Hack then you would have done it, wouldn’t you?


Those who disrespect books should just give their books to me.


I see why dRumph got elected, style over substance from idiots like this. smh

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But did they cut the pages?

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Oh, what I’d do for a few extra cubic feet of space in my house. This decorating trend is akin to conspicuous consumption of space.


For me it would be really distracting, it would bother me so much that i would linger on the books when scanning the room wondering what books i’m looking at and that they should really be set with the spine outwards


My four-year-old daughter routinely puts her picture books back on the shelf spine-back (or spine-up, or spine-down) when we ask her to clean up, but SHE CAN’T READ!!!


I read all the books all the time, but mostly digital any more and all my fathers books are still in boxes from when we sold their house.
Does that make me a bad man?

This actually gave me a good idea: as someone who’s accumulated a large to-read stack, it might be interesting to shelve the unread books this way, so that the next pick would be somewhat randomized.

No more what-should-I-read-next anxiety!