Zombie book-ends


I see these things, and I think: “Who are these odd people who have so few books that they don’t reach the sides of the shelves and have to be propped up?”

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But I guess you have a point. Unless you’re buying books by the yard, specifically to fill up space, you’ll start off with a few and will need some props either side. But unless you’re planning to stop there (or, I suppose, have limited funds to support anything other than a slowly building collection - in which case how can you afford expensive bookends anyway), you’re going to go with something cheap (like a pair of bricks) because you know you’ll soon be losing them.

Where do bookends go after you’ve stopped needing them? Is there a bookends heaven?

I always though open shelves + clever bookends was a purely decorative choice. As is sorting books by spine color, which admittedly looks cool in photos but is of course probably terrible if you’re actually the book-using type.

So. Zombies. Is anyone else getting tired of people saying they got tired of zombies? I don’t remember backlash-backlashes before. I wonder if it’s a sign. Are we folding back directly to ‘remember when zombies were cool’ nostalgia without the fad ever cooling down? An undead trope would certainly be genre-savvy.


Agreed. There are a few of the Knob Creek bookend sets that I would just enjoy seeing as I went about my day. I always have empty space on my shelves - I can put puzzles there, flowers, odd things I find in the street. I find it more to my liking than a single mass of books.

And give the “sort by colour” thing a try sometime - it doesn’t have to be forever, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it staves off Alzheimers.

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