Clever software and a $1 camera add touchscreen capability to a MacBook

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How are school principals supposed to watch the naked students now?


I wonder if this would work on the older MacBook Pros with the anti-glare matte screens?


Finger prints on my computer screen? No thanks.

Probably quite well. The Fresnel effect applies.

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Probably – as the article notes, even relatively dull flat surfaces appear shiny when viewed at a very small angle. It even works on [checks] a corrugated Amazon box, at least as long as the lighting isn’t casting shadows toward the camera.

‘Course, this doesn’t address the more basic problem of vertical touchscreens, which is that everyone thinks they want that but no one actually does.


and even if the suggestions above dont apply, a glossy transparent sheet of foil put on screen should work.

Best screens ever made for a MacBook IMHO. So I had the same thought as you. Then I realised I had no use case for a touch screen on my large, heavy, not as portable as my MBAir, MBPro with a matte screen that sits on my desk just out of my reach. :wink:

Excellent point! You have just dissuaded me from getting more gack I don’t need. Thank for you Marie-Kondo-ing me :grin: And I concur: the matte screen MBP represents the zenith of Jony Ive’s fabled tenure.


How long before someone commercializes it and makes a fortune?

Unless you’re using a convertible laptop (the kind that flip the keyboard back to just be a tablet) I see little use for a touchscreen on a laptop. My work laptop has a touchscreen and other than occasionally touching it to just bring a window to the front I use the touchpad exclusively.

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