Cliff Bleszinski thinks Riot's company bro culture is healthy

Earlier this week Kotaku published an investigative piece detailing the bro culture at Riot and its harmful effects. It’s a thoroughly in-depth piece that I recommend every dude reads and takes to heart.

Some people have not taken it to heart. People like (surprise, surprise), Cliff Bleszinski.

Cliffy B (formerly of Epic Games):

Jennifer Scheurle (dev at OPXSpace):

Cliff’s tweets are a reminder that Bro Culture is a thing, that those perpetuating it think its OK, and that we need to actively fight to make the world a better place. Do everyone a favour, smash that like and retweet on Jennifer’s response. Amplify womens’ voices. Fight the power.

Riot Games is a toxic workplace but it isn’t the only bro culture place in the industry. Change starts right here right now.


Oh yeah League Of Legends folk. The game that is noted for its toxic as hell userbase.
Color me unsurprised.

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