Close your eyes and listen: Are these birds or humans?

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the oldest fair of bird hunting sector in Veneto; fairs of this kind were created in the twelfth century in Northern Italy, the places most affected by the migration of birds

I’m gonna assume that was a bad translation (perhaps too literal) because it almost makes it sound like being “affected” (i.e. negatively) by migrating birds (“affected”, my arse!) is the reason for hunting them.

These ‘bird hunters’ have been responsible for the decline in many species migrating through those areas. Yes, much of what is described in the first article below is done illegally (poaching) but the fact that Italy allows legal bird hunting (see second article) is a disgrace in itself.

Legally hunted birds include:

…Skylark, Blackbird, Fieldfare, Redwing and Song Thrush. In addition, some regions repeatedly permit the shooting of birds that are actually protected by special permits - in particular starlings, book and mountain finches are the victims of this practice, which is highly dubious under EU law.

Frankly, @JenniferSandlin (oh, that doesn’t work, does it!) this is NOT a wonderful thing, AT ALL!
These bird imitators do it to lure birds in to be trapped or killed.

@beschizza I’m not sure whether to ask for this blog post to be removed. Perhaps, if it were rewritten to also note some of the above, it would make people aware of this disgraceful practice.


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Perhaps, @LowlyWorm2022, it would be helpful to include that in your posts. Or register a userid as Jennifer Sandlin.

Please consider editing your post to make it clear why these imitators are doing this.

There may once have been an argument about protecting farmers’ crops (see “affected” in my previous post). But with wild birds species being in such decline it is no longer acceptable and the 600,000 hunters are not all doing it to help out their local farmers!

I can do a Mourning Dove call good enough to fool the Merlin app. Admittedly, a low bar.


Update coming to add context to the post.



Thanks, Rob, but it’s been 6+ hours now. Perhaps the post could get re-headlined and given a more recent time-stamp when it is updated?

I’ve added an update to the post! The headline is even better now as-is, because it will lure in unsuspecting “cute animal” readers who will learn about why this talent is cultivated.


thanks for this context, I didn’t know this festival and the bird calling contest were used to lure birds to be killed, and I appreciate you letting me know. Rob has added this information at the end of the post. thanks.


Thanks, Rob.

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