Closing arguments continue in Manning trial




Unfortunately I think we can all predict the verdict.


Of course we can. He did break the law. Regardless of how we feel about the moral aspect of his actions, he broke the law. Compare to the Zimmerman case - few people believe a young man should have died that day, but from a strictly legal aspect, Zimmerman acted within the law. If you find that example distasteful, consider that it’s legal for banks and corporations to be up to their usual tricks of screwing us all over. It’s legal, and that’s really all that matters, right?


Um, the verdict was in, even before the trial started…


Yes he did, but which exact charges and what mitigating factors are there? I think the aiding the enemy charge is the most problematic, especially given that the military prosecutor has said that he still would have pursued that charge had Manning given the files to the New York Times. A guilty charge there could really chill future military whistle-blowing activities across a wide variety of topics.


He pleaded guilty to the things he actually did. The question is whether he’ll be found guilty of the things he didn’t, and it appears the answer will be “yes”.


Summary execution carried out by the judge?


Summary execution carried out by the judge?

I would certainly appear she’d like it that way.

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