Clothes have power over your mind


And that is exactly why I will totally be able to justify spending $200 on this jacket when I finish my PhD and go on the job market:

I will totally look, feel, and act like a professor in that jacket (I’ll even have a (bubble) pipe, if that helps). Pair it with a white oxford, a cool skirt, and my docs and I am so getting a tenure track job. How don’t care how bad the job market is… EDITED to add: Bow tie! Don’t forget a bow tie!!!


Kleider machen Leute.


Interesting when applied to piercings, tattoos, cosplay… Basically people have the ability to define their personality through their costumes. Which is why while it’s tempting to go out in pajamas it’s probably not a good idea.

That actually sounds kind of hot. (Am I a bad person for thinking that?) Also, back in my youthiness I picked up from Robert Anton Wilson that clothing was first invented not to keep us warm, but to alter perceptions, in other words magic. Clothing could turn me into a cop or a priest, and very few people could tell the difference.

No, you’re not. And you might like this.

This should not be news to anyone who’s ever dressed up nice (nice meaning stylish and good-looking, not an ill-fitting rented tux,) or conversely found themselves dressed way inappropriately for an occasion. (You can pull off the latter, but it requires an unusual degree of self-confidence.)

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Brilliant! What is that from?

Do I get a say in this…

The Wire. I can’t remember if it’s season 1 or 3, but the rival drug crime bosses sponsor some local basketball games, and Barksdale’s crew is razzing their rival, who was emulating the dress of a college or pro coach. the way I’m explaining it is corny, but when you see it, it’s actually pitch-perfect and awesome.

Well, It does make me feel a bit weird… After all, I’m not going for the “sexy prof fetish” here, but for scholar and authority in a college level class room–I have no interest in setting a sense of sex appeal on the job market or in the classroom. Given the horrible job market for academia right now, standing out matters and being able to convey that I’m an authority on my topic and in my fields matters even more. This is especially true not only in job talks, but in the classroom as well. I’m in front of young men and women, who think they are on top of the world and they know EVERYTHING, so why should they listen to some five-foot-tall woman, cause she’s just a woman, WTF does she know anyway. I also look younger than my years… Does that make sense? But no, that doesn’t make you a bad person. Not in the least.

I think you’re right about the RAW idea. All one needs is a convincing costume and the ability to act like you know what you are doing.

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I still haven’t seen that show.

I don’t know how compatible starting to watch The Wire is with working on a PhD. It is dense, thought consuming, and time consuming. but it’s the fucking best, though.

This message brought to you by The Fashion Industry.

(I say this as someone who loves clothing)

And the Wire’s not that bad either. HEY-oh!


This makes me wonder how Prince Harry felt at that costume party.


Remember that ‘Dress for Success’ stuff? I used it to increase 2 people’s incomes by over 30% in one year.

But now I’m retired, and I don’t care what the corporate think is any more. Hmmm…bikini? Or ballgown? I can’t decide if I want to feel more like I’m at the beach, or a fancy ball… I just want to save the hassle of actually going anywhere.