Cmd-arrow co-opted?

Hey hey - As a Mac/Safari user, I’ve become very accustomed to using Cmd + left or right arrow keys to move forward and back through my history. But it seems like boingboing has co-opted these keyboard shortcuts to move through its articles. The end result is that, in my average browsing session, I’ll be using the keys frequently; then I’ll arrive at a boingboing article, try to go back, and end up in an infinite boingboing article loop.

It’s a minor nuisance, I know. But website-specific keyboard shortcuts have always made me raise an eyebrow: does anyone use a website so often that they’re going to learn specific keyboard shortcuts that only work in that one site? Such is my two cents.

(PS to pedants: Yes, I know that Cmd + “[” or “]” are the official keyboard shortcuts, but the arrow keys work as well.)

mac/firefox here. it works normally for me
¯\ __(ツ) _ /¯

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