Cobra Kai season two is beyond fantastic

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I’m glad you keep plugging the show. I do want to remember to watch it, but the trailers are so uninspiring, it’s good to have a trusted recommendation. A lot of great shows are hard to advertise.

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This is awesome to hear. I started watching Season 1 with very low expectations, expecting just an awkward nostalgia exercise of grownups remembering childhood. It was so, so much more than that and I was sincerely hoping that Season 2 wouldn’t be a letdown.


I’m pumped

I liked The Karate Kid way back when, but I didn’t love it. It was mostly a source of memes - “Wax on, wax off”, “Best block - no be there”, “Sweep the leg!”, etc.

Anyway, when the first season of Cobra Kai was released my expectations weren’t all that high; I thought it would be a trip down somebody else’s Memory Lane. I was completely blown away - I abso-freakin’-lutely loved it. I even subscribed to YouTube Red for a few days so I could binge it. Now it looks like I gotta sign up for YouTube Premium… The things we do for great content.

(The fact that I now live in the neighborhood where most of the outdoor scenes are set is just gravy. I keep waiting to see my car in the background of a shot.)


I want to watch this so bad, but not super interested in paying for another sub just for one show. :disappointed:


Waiting for @Papasan to pop in and say, “I’m waxing off right now!” :rofl:


Roger That!


I pay the subscription for Google’s music service and an ad-free viewing experience on YouTube, which my wife and I watch way more than we care to admit.

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Yeah season one was maybe the biggest TV show surprise of 2018 for me. It had no business being as good as it was!

Heard great things about this, though I don’t think we would be watching it as a couple which is pretty much my rule for getting stuck into a series on the telly. But my question really is: does YouTube Premium have good kid’s shows? If it did I’d subscribe for a while and any adult stuff would be a bonus.

EDIT My girls love Teen Titans Go!, Steven Universe, MLP (and ponies and unicorns in general), and cats. Anything with cats (Studio Ghibli’s The Cat Returns is favourite film evaaar!) as a guide. Rather than Peppa Pig - though one of them did have a posh English accent as a toddler from it.

Yes it is. Can’t wait for season three. Both seasons were great.

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