New "Cobra Kai" trailer: the Karate Kid is a car salesman and Johnny is still a prick


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This sounded like such a lame idea; but the trailer has really turned me around. Go, Cobra Kai!


It’s been a loong time since I’ve watched the original. I thought Johnny was redeemed at the end when he handed Daniel the trophy himself.

edit: Hey, Martin Kove is still kicking it at age 72. He even played “Karate Sensai” in a recent Goldbergs but I don’t see a credit for this one. They should have tossed Martin a bone.


you aren’t wrong. In #2 he becomes the victim as well when his sensei starts beating on him for losing to Daniel.


“Buncha wangless dorks?” Seems they shill for ze masculinitie toxique!


Lord help me, this actually looks like something I want to see.


It looks like more midlife crisis…


I really like how this appears to be running with the “Daniel was the jerk” interpretation but is also Actually-ing it by examining why Johnny is definitely a jerk, thereby creating a show that appears to be about why these two men still haven’t quite grown up.

(Kreese, as you’ll recall, was more than simply a jerk: he was abusive. I hope they do right by the boys and don’t waste him here with a cheesy cameo.)


This sounded like a terrible idea last month, and it still sounds terrible now.

My opinion hasn’t changed.


The vacant lot next to Daniel’s Reseda apartment building is recently no longer a vacant lot.

South Seas and the lot to the right


Pass. Really, a PASS.


Pat Morita would’ve been the only reason to watch this :frowning:


Mine has. I’m even more excited now than I was then about the time I’ll save not watching this. :grinning:

I can’t stop Hollywood from trashing my childhood in search of the almighty reboot dollar, but I’m not giving them my eyeballs to abuse.

“God willing, we’ll all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money” ~ Yoghurt


And it’s on YouTube Red; fuck all that noise.

If I wanna feel some nostalgic pangs, I’ll go back and rewatch the original instead of two grown ass men desperately trying to rehash their former glory days for a quick buck.

Also, I realize I should have lead with this:

No Pat Morita means NO Karate Kid, period.


But with this premise, this new Karate Kid wouldn´t be a great show?

But I doubt they would do something bitter like that …


It’s official; I’ve been on the internet way too long.

I honestly can’t tell if that was sarcasm or a serious comment.


I am sorry. But I would like to see a show like this. No comedy, no generic action movie with superheroes. A nice bittersweet drama about normal people. Ok, not normal, just two guys living their crazy daydream in a real world.

I think something like Bojack Horseman…


Okay, you were serious. I genuinely wasn’t sure.

Carry on.