Cobra Kai teaser trailer


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Wait, this is real? Since we’re now living in the Darkest Timeline it makes sense that Johnny would be the hero.


I hope they let the real Karate Kid win this time.


Yep, appears to be a Youtube Red series, coming out later this year. Ten episodes.

Is it just me, or does Ralph Macchio look… strange. I mean yes, 34 years have passed since the first movie, but something is off about his face. I began to wonder if it was a different actor.



One of the problems with making sequels/prequels decades apart from each other is that the filmmakers usually don’t let the characters develop in a realistic way. For example, the new Han Solo establishes that he apparently wore basically the same outfit (including the same gun belt) for over 50 years.

As for Danny LaRusso—dude, you’re in your mid-50s now. It might be time to move past all that high school nonsense.



New "Cobra Kai" trailer: the Karate Kid is a car salesman and Johnny is still a prick

It had to have been a stretch getting in shape for this. For both of them. Last time I saw Zabka in the “sweep the leg” video by “no more Kings” he wasn’t exactly in kobra Kai form (neither am I I will note)
Either way it’s a cool tune
So being on you tube red means the Goog is going to try and extort another 10 bucks from us?


Since Street Fighter:Assassin’s Fist was absolutely amazing, I’m more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this as well.


It had to have been a stretch getting in shape for this.

Oh, no doubt. I’m into my 50’s now and get that. But he doesn’t look like an older version of himself, he looks like a different person altogether. The nose is right, the smile is right, the eyes… but everything else seems wrong. Could just be the higher brow due to receding hairline and the way he’s styling his hairdo these days.

So being on you tube red means the Goog is going to try and extort another 10 bucks from us?

You better believe it. The market is now re-fragmenting after a brief renaissance of only needing one or two streaming channels to get everything we wanted. CBS is all in, Youtube is coming out with its own package, and Disney/ABC will soon. I’m going to be way behind everyone else because I refuse to buy more packages, so will have to wait until stuff drops to Netflix a season or two behind the curve (assuming it even does… I suspect it may not, they’re all looking for captive audiences who are tuned into their silo).

Oh well, I have a ton of books to catch up on, assuming there’s nothing on Netflix…


Uh, no. This is settled business. It was taken care of long ago and the results were undeniable.



What goes around comes… a little rounder


I ran into this watching the recent Red Dwarf XII. Lasted all of 40 seconds, but it is a thing.


I like the concept that Johnny wasn’t the bully but that’s at face value. Johnny never had to get physical with Danny to bully him, he was the popular kid and could use his influence to menace Danny without really directly doing much.

That’s not to say Danny wasn’t asshole, neither of them were angels.

About this new series. The fact that it’s on Youtube Red kills it entirely for me, i’m not going to see it unless it gets added to Netflix or another service i already have so i guess it’s good to know Youtube is sending the series off to die early.


Both actors look… melty. Their faces seem off to me.


Both of these throwbacks might be better with crowdsourced funding.


I will only watch this if it actually contains this backstory. As given us by the brilliant Patton Oswalt.


But where is “Sidekicks II” I’ve been waiting for?


I love sidekicks, it’s so bad it’s good